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Cloud based HR Products using Assessment, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Attract, Source, Evaluate, Hire and Onboard Training

h4TalentCRM is disrupting traditional recruiting, training and employee engagement practices.
h4TalentCRM helps companies recruit, upskill and engage talent simply, measurably and effectively.
Most HR software is so cumbersome that people often retrun to using email and spreadsheets, h4TalentCRM aims to change that.

h4TALENTCRM modules is:
(1) h4 AssessRecruit
h4 AssessRecruit:

(1a) Source - Online Sourcing from h4 pre assessed profiles database, social media, referrals and job boards.
(1b) Assess - Online Assessment Tests in the field of Domain, Psychometric and Aptitude, Coding Ground , Video pre- interview and pre interview by BOT.
(1c) Hire - Online Applicant Tracking System with Advance Analytics for real-time decisions for faster Hiring.
(1d) Onboarding - It provides mobile based onboarding e-learning module helps organisations for faster onboarding of new Joinee.